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This covers a large range of pests from cockroaches, fleas, mites, ants and the more popular of late the dreaded bedbug. We use the most appropriate treatment for each insect making sure they are identified first. Because of the small size of insects proofing is difficult. Some require simple treatment as in wasps but most require follow up visits to eliminate all stages of life..

I have not included wasps on this page they are on another page as they are so common i decided to dedicate them a page on their own.


The most common in Britain are the german cockroach and oriental cockroach. The females encase their eggs in a capsule called an ootheca. Depending on the species, she may place the ootheca in a crevice or other protected place, or carry it with her. Some female cockroaches carry the ootheca internally. German cockroaches will have around 40 to 60 young each time they reproduce and this can multiply into thousands given the right conditions, so the sooner we can start treatment the better.


Fleas can be very difficult to eradicate within your home, and buying a recommended aerosol from your vet or supermarket can be a waste of money as a 600ml aerosol would barely be effective to cover half of your living room.

There are many types of fleas but the most common ones are the dog flea and the cat flea. These can be treated by pest controllers, but the pets themselves would need to be treated by a vet or using a product such as front line. Simple measures like washing their bedding every week at high temperatures and vacuuming around your home will help to stop them appearing in the first place. Fleas can remain dormant in the cocoon stage for up to a year and often reappear when someone else occupies the same room the pet has lived in. Females can lay up to 500 eggs per day.


These tough little bugs are now getting more and more popular lately which many blame on more people traveling and bringing them home unknowingly in their suitcase, also people will buy a second hand bed and have not realised this can contain bedbugs from the previous owners and find themselves being bitten at night, so buying that second hand bed might not seem a bargain after all.

They solely feed on your blood and will enlarge once they have fed going red from the blood they have taken from your body.


Why do you get flies? The answer is usually a simple one. Is there a dead animal nearby? Or maybe you are getting drain flies which will exist in areas of standing water, maybe from a sink or toilet. Some people suffer from cluster flies every year in their loft normally the south facing side where its warmer, the females lay their eggs near earthworm burrows, and the larvae then infest the worms. The adults emerge in late summer, they then enter houses to hibernate when the weather is colder often in large numbers. Treatment for cluster flies is with a fogging machine and is very effective. If you suffer with cluster flies you will normally get these every year as total control is difficult as they can hide in the walls of your home.


Ants can be a very destructive if left alone, there are many types from the black ant, ghost ant , big headed ant and so on each requiring treatment from a professional. Some will destroy damp wood like the brown ant or carpenter ant. The winged flying ants you see each summer are the males and females leaving the nest to start their own colonies. The treatment we use will be taken back to the nest by the foraging ants and spread throughout killing the whole nest rather than a selected few as with traditional ant powder.

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