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Varied Carpet Beetle

Varied carpet beetles are an important domestic pest, they can cause expensive damage to clothing, carpets and other textiles. The female produces up to 100 eggs over a two week period. Larval development last for 10 to 30 days. These larval are known as woolly bears and can reach 4-5mm in size before pupation. They will not feed on vegetable fibres like cotton or linen or synthetic fibres. Adults will feed on flowers.

Treatment would be with a residual insecticide.

Clothes Moths

These destructive clothes moths prefer dark places such as wardrobes and drawers and are not drawn to light like other species of moths. Their larvae will eat wool of animal origin (expensive clothing & carpets etc) Although the males do fly the female rarely flies, preferring to hop and scuttle and hide into the folds of clothing etc.

Females lay around 100 white eggs on the surface of the fabric, which will then hatch into larvae in around 5 days. The larval development is around 6 weeks, during which time the larvae will actively feed on fabric, this can take longer in cooler conditions.

Clothing should be washed at a high temperature (over 50 degrees) to kill all stages of life.

Regular vacuuming will also help but a treatment using a residual insecticide will solve your problem. This treatment is sprayed throughout your home where damage is present and other areas to stop it spreading. An alternative to washing clothes at high temperature would be to freezing them for 2 weeks below -10.