The common furniture beetle and the wood boring beetle are a couple of the most common variety of wood boring beetles. It is at the larvel stage the damage occurs. Without treatment these larvae will damage wood until it is not fit for purpose. We can spray a insecticide into the wood which will penetrate deep inside the wood to kill these larvae. If this is not done properly you will continue to get the larvae infect your wood. 

Woodworm Signs

The most obvious is small holes dotted all over the face of the wood itself, if you see this there will be a lot more damage you cant see. Sometimes you will see small piles of damp wood (Frass) appear on your furniture or wooden beams. Dead beetles and crumbling wood is another sign.

How is woodworm treated?

The first thing would be for us to visit your property and survey the damage and make sure we are dealing with the right pest. This initial visit is crucial as the treatment and cost will depend on how much damage there is and what beetle is causing the damage.

Then we would spray a professional use only dual purpose insecticide and fungicide for the treatment of woodworm and dry rot, wet rot and general wood rot. This will give you protection and has a unique 1 hour re-entry time into your home.

How to prevent woodworm?

There is no easy way to prevent woodworm other than stopping the wood getting damp in the first place, but by the time you would have seen signs of woodworm it would be to late. To have it treated by a professional is the only sensible choice. There are many DIY products that claim to get rid of the woodworm but in reality do not work.